Intelligent Timed Sending (ITS)

Questions this guide will answer:

  • How can I turn on ITS?

  • How does ITS work?

Intelligent Timed Sending (ITS) allows you to send emails to individuals based around what time they’re most likely to engage, with the aim to increase your open rate.To activate this, all you need to do is tick the checkbox enable for optimal inbox placement on stage three of the campaign schedule process, and it’ll be activated.


ITS works by identifying what time individual recipients are opening emails based on historical data. Once your Pure360 system has enough data (typically three instances of opens or more), it will begin to work out the most likely time they will open, and will send the email 30 minutes before that time so that its sitting at the top of the inbox and isn’t buried.If a send is scheduled and some of the recipients have not yet opened enough times for a good enough profile to have been built, these people will receive the email at the usual scheduled sending time

ITS works on a 24 hour period, so if a send is scheduled at 10am and anyone on that list usually opens at 9am, the system will wait until 8:30am the following day before sending this is important to keep in mind when scheduling a time sensitive message and if used can increase the time to completion for a sending campaign.

ITS is particularly helpful if you’re sending across multiple time zones, to ensure that people aren’t getting emails at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of the night!