Why Can’t My Journey Be Activated?

You may find your Journey can’t be activated as the ‘Activate’ button is not clickable. There are several reasons why it might be that your Journey can’t be activated. These checks are in place to help you make sure your Journey is well structured before it starts sending to your contacts. Check the list below to see which of these may apply to your Journey.

1. All steps must be configured

Start steps need a time and date and a list


When you create a new Journey, the start step will prompt you with the words ‘Choose time’ and ‘Choose list’


Send steps need a message


When you create a new Journey, or add a new send step, the send step will prompt you with the words ‘Choose message’


2. A wait step must follow each send step

Must have a wait step between two send steps



Must have a wait step between a send step and a decision step


A delay here ensures there is ample time for the recipient to receive and engage with the message before checking for an open or click.

3. Messages in the Journey must be compatible with the selected list

  • Your Journey messages can only use custom fields that exist on your chosen list. This incompatibility may arise if a selected message in your Journey is subsequently edited while the Journey is in draft.