Using Pure360's APIs

There is more than one way to interact programmatically with your Pure360 account, to review the API documentation please visit our "API Hub" site.

For a start though: 


Do I need an API login?

Most of the common use cases are more achievable through methods which do do not use a login to the SOAP API 



Do you want to:

  1. Pull all or some report data from pure into your system, eg: suppression requests like optouts and bounces.
  2. Post in signups
  3. Daily upsert new contacts in bulk / optout contacts per day
    • Auto-list upload: for Append / optout (where optout will append a specific list for opting during upload)
  4. Trigger one off emails
  5. Create messages & schedule campaigns
    • Both need to use the SOAP API and we supply an API login for one or more profile access. 
    • List upload & append and triggering one 2 ones is also possible through the SOAP API, we have more supporting documentation if you choose to follow that route.


Please let us know, your intentions to the support team and/or you AM and we can direct the best way to use Pure360 though an API.