Threshold Levels Exceeded

If you get an email with the subject line: Threshold Levels Exceeded it means that one of your campaigns has exceeded our threshold monitor for spikes in negative responses fs opens in a campaign.

This usually happens after the campaign and you get an email saying:


The following delivery has exceeded one or more acceptable threshold levels:


The email then goes on to explain the thresholds to you.

In this situation, there is no mandatory action point for you. If it because a recurring theme for your campaigns someone will be in touch. You are free to ask support or your account manager or your strategy consultant (if you have one) about it.


Sometimes this can happen during the send and it can cause the campaign to be paused, in which case you will get the same except it will say


The following delivery has been paused because it exceeded one or more acceptable threshold levels“.


This can mean one of 2 things

  1. Your campaign is in a paused state and needs either to be unpaused or cancelled by the support team.

  2. Your campaign was not actually paused.

Your first action should be to confirm if your campaign is paused.

Log into the profile > go to campaigns > look to see if that campaign is still there and if it says “Stopped”


If it does, the report in your reports page should also say something like this instead of results, because it has not finished.


If the send does not appear in campaigns and the report does not say “sending paused”, you should be be able to see results and access the report.

If you really want to, in the opens tab you can also check the opens timeline to prove to yourself that people had emails.


If you are sure that your campaign has been paused, please contact support to resolve it.